Features of Funds Transfer

The Most

The MostSecure

The Safest Way to transfer your money

SSP© Electronic Funds Transfer’ System is the safest way to transfer your money because it uses the technology of SSP© (Secure System of Payment) that is an innovation in the back-end infrastructure of the mobile payment.

It is an Indonesian patent.

SSP© (Secure System of Payment) is TOTALLY SAFE


  1. No transfer of sensitive data therefore no handling of sensitive data
  2. No intermediate thus no useless vulnerability
  3. No direct contact customer / bank and vice versa and therefore no opportunity for a malicious person to appropriate client’s money
  4. No possibility for an attack coming from inside the bank to act on SSP.
  5. No possibility of being victim of phishing, because of the characteristics of the system that has been developed for accessing the servers
  6. No data stored on the Smartphone, which only serves as a mirror, so no possibility of infecting the system acting from the Smartphone or POS (seller).

  7. Moreover, SSP© is protected by SST© (Secure System of Transmission) that protects the data during their transfer and when at rest without using any encryption, therefore without the needs of keys that are what the hackers are looking for.